Convert your rough sketch into a sparkling illustration

Present your cutting-edge science in a visually appealing way. Find competence and convenience. Besides resources trained and certified in the art of science, AuthorCafe has smart online annotation for visual content. This makes collaboration easy between you and our creative resources. Changes are tracked and managed online. It is significant that we are able to close out all queries in one round and all revises in not more than two rounds across 99% of our creative projects.

To access a resource, set up your manuscript as an AuthorCafe project and invite an Associate or just email: We will respond within minutes, mail back, chat with you, find out your needs, and get back to you with the best resource, representative samples, and a free, no-obligation quote within 24 hours.

Our resources are onboarded by invitation only.

They are bound by strict confidentiality. All services come with an offer to re-do or your money back.