Research gets a new discipline.

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AuthorCafe supports a range of legacy digital assets, like txt, docx, pdf, TeX, csv, xlsx, bib, eml, jpg, png and bmp files. Import and manage these assets alongside the content you are writing. Load an asset into your project as a whole, or extract just the required bits. These assets are stored in a ‘central library’ available to use across all your projects.

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Pre-build your research project

Pre-build your research project.

There is a case for you to start using AuthorCafe well before you actually start writing your research. Get the building blocks together and let your co-authors bring their own building blocks. Together, you can keep building, preview them, study them, extract content and assemble your paper.

Hide assets

When a project has more assets than are in use, select them and Hide. And declutter.

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Hide Assets

Show and reuse assets

When a project needs an asset from another project, borrow with ease. Search assets under All Projects, or a specific project, and pick from the list to show the asset in your current project.

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Show assets. Reuse.

Asset Master, your central library.

You have x number of assets to allocate and reallocate across y number of projects. You need to delete some assets and import new ones. This is all done with ease under My Cafe > Asset Master. Here, you see your assets classified as Used/Unused. You can move Unused assets to the trash and assign Used assets to other projects.

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Asset Master, your central library

Authoring in AuthorCafé is free.